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Egham Automatic Driving Lessons

Egham Automatic Driving LessonsIf you live in Egham automatic driving lessons can be booked straight away with one of the South East’s leading driving schools - Surrey Driving Force.

We own a range of automatic vehicles that can be used for your lessons & as well as operating in Egham, we operate throughout Surrey & Middlesex.

Do Automatic Driving Lessons Cost More?

The price to undertake driving lessons in a car with an automatic gearbox is charged at a rate of £2 above the rate of a standard driving lesson. This slight increase in price can be offset by block booking lessons with us at a discount of £2 per lesson. This will effectively ensure that our Egham automatic driving lessons are available to you at the same price as our standard driving lessons.

Why Would I Choose To Learn To Drive In An Automatic Car?

Because mastering gear & clutch control can be a quite difficult skill when you start driving, learning to drive in an automatic car can help to speed up the learning process. This can also have the positive effect of you requiring fewer lessons to become test ready & therefore you will save money.

We also find that certain medical & or physical conditions mean that you may struggle to use both feet on the pedals. If this is the case, learning to drive in an automatic car can solve this problem.

Are There Any Restrictions?

The only restriction once you have passed your test in a car with an automatic gearbox is that, your driving licence will only cover the use of an automatic car. In the past, this may have been regarded as being very restrictive when it came to buying a car but with the huge range of automatic cars that are now available this thought is now all but redundant.

There is of course absolutely nothing to stop you taking a manual driving test at any time in the future. We have actually found that some of our pupils have found the experience gained from learning how to drive in an automatic car particularly beneficial when it comes to making the step up, as you will not be starting from scratch.

Book Automatic Driving Lessons With Us

To book your Egham automatic driving lessonswith us, simply give us a call on 0845 190 2012, texting LESSONS to 81066 or email us at -

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