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Driving Lessons Middlesex

Driving Lessons EghamWe offer the most comprehensive & specialised level of driving lessons Middlesex & the surrounding areas can provide.

As well as providing the premier level of driving lessons Middlesex can offer, we are also expanding rapidly throughout Surrey & Middlesex.

A Wide Range Of Driving Lessons Middlesex

On top of what Driving lessons Middlesex has to offer to learner drivers, we also supply a comprehensive range of lessons that are aimed at more experienced drivers who wish to further their driving education.

The range of advanced courses that we offer includes:

The Ultimate Mock Driving Test

We believe that a pivotal aspect of your training is the mock driving test. Our driving lessons Middlesex will give you the best possible chance to pass your test on the first occasion PLUS to supplement your lessons we provide you with a mock practical test which is as close to the real thing as possible.

As with your real test, your mock driving test will take place in your regular learning vehicle but where our mock test differs from the majority of driving schools is that our mock test will take place in the presence of an instructor that is not your regular driving instructor. This will help to greatly enhance the experience you gain from this mock test as the conditions will be very similar to the real test. The instructor will then mark you as if you are taking a real test & provide you with all important feedback.

This type of mock test is only provided by a very limited number of driving schools & since the introduction of this test, our pass rates have improved.

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